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Granola Studios

The VR game with a '90s feeling

Find yourself in a lovely teenager's room from the nineties. Somehow all colors of your remote controlled car have been stolen by some nasty color-thief. Your mission is to grab the remote control and collect all tiles of a racetrack.
As a trophy you can win color sprays to bring back the color to your beloved rc car. 

Drive your rc car

With the remote control in your virtual hands you feel the 90s coming back. Drive our handcrafted indoor racetracks and win fantastic color sprays. You can play for yourself or challenge other players in multi-player mode.

Win color sprays

Your trophies are color sprays in different colors. With each race you have won you get one color spray. You can use the spray with your virtual hands and paint on your car.

Spray your car

You can spray your car the way you like. Your customized car will be permanently saved in your room. Other players can see your customized car when playing with you. We might even host a beauty contest in the future.


Limited color spray trophies

We only have 256.000 color spray trophys.

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255.654 color spray trophies left
270 players
120 cars sprayed

The magic game console

Put a cartdrige in the game console and see a racetrack appear around you. Currenlty we offer 5 different racetracks.

Single-Player Mode

If you have collected all parts of the racetrack in time your trophy will be a nice looking color spray.

Multi-Player Mode

If you collect most parts of the racetrack you will win the nice looking color spray.


It's a VR game for all who have seen enough shooters now wanting something to enjoy alone or with friends and other players. Getting creative with your color sprays is an amazing experience in VR and you never now... maybe you can soon see your customized car in AR too :)

Play together

You can play the game together with other players. The player who collects more racetrack tailes will win the color spray trophy.

Play basketball

If you need a break dunk some balls and enjoy our nostalic 90s room.

Listen to some 90s tune

... or listen to some 90s tines by turning on the radio.

Who We Are

The creators

We are three guys with a passion for building VR games and experiences. We hope you enjoy our game and collect some nice color sprays.

Game design & development
Game development
Level design

Play it soon

We will release the early access on Steam in a few weeks. We would be more than happy if you put OutOfColors on your wishlist today.

Get it on Steam
What you need?

You need a desktop VR headset. At the moment we support HTC Vive and Oculus Rift + touch. 

Where to buy?

You can buy our VR game on Steam for $7.99. Thank you for supporting our VR Studio to stay alive.

What's coming next?

We plan to bring OutOfColors to the Oculus store too. And later on we will also support mobile VR. Read more about our ideas and roadmap here.